Shozo Mori

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The authors report a case of an arteriovenous fistula between the ascending pharyngeal artery and the internal jugular vein. The importance of an exact diagnosis and some precautions to be taken during therapeutic embolization are emphasized, as well as the need for superselective cannulation of the feeding artery. The problem of differential diagnosis with(More)
– This paper describes a generalization of Murty's algorithm generating ranked solutions for classical assignment problems. The generalization extends the domain to a general class of zero-one integer linear programming problems that can be used to solve multi-frame data association problems for track-oriented multiple hypothesis tracking (MHT). The(More)
– This paper describes a new approach to tracking multiple groups of targets using the concept of the generalized Janossy measure density function. Each group is modeled by a group state that consists of a group common state and an unknown number of individual target component states. In order to represent a probability distribution of such a group state,(More)