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The present study was designed to elucidate the roles of dendritic voltage-gated K+ channels in Ca2+ influx mechanism of a rat Purkinje cell using a computer simulation program. First, we improved the channel descriptions and the maximum conductance in the Purkinje cell model to mimic both the kinetics of ion channels and the Ca2+ spikes, which had failed(More)
A controlled culture system has been developed to induce nerve growth factor (NGF) production in astroglial cells that are cultured on an electrode surface. The electrode potential is alternatively modulated at an amplitude of 300 mV and a frequency of 10 Hz. The electric stimulation triggers NGF production and secretion. The mechanism of the electrically(More)
These experiments were designed to investigate whether increasing intraocular pressure (IOP) in anesthetized dogs produces differential control of sympathetic nerve activities to various organs (heart, kidney, liver, and spleen) and if these sympathetic responses are modified by baroreceptors. We performed simultaneous multi-recordings of cardiac, renal,(More)
Afferent splanchnic nerve stimulation with different frequencies in Wistar Kyoto rats caused depressor and pressor responses depending on the frequency employed. Similar visceral afferent activation in spontaneously hypertensive rats caused depressor responses at all frequencies of stimulation. It is suggested that the central integrated mechanisms for(More)
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