Shoya Ebisawa

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This paper presents the design concept of a novel electromyogram prosthetic hand, which adopts a grasping strategy consisting of thumb opposition with high grasping force and finger extension with non-backdrivability. This grasping strategy contributes to mass saving and high grasping force. Each finger has 1 degree of freedom (DOF) for flexion/extension,(More)
To investigate the long-term biological effect of extreme low dose ionising radiation, we irradiated normal human fibroblasts (HFLIII) with carbon ions (290 MeV u(-1), 70 keV microm(-1)) and gamma-rays at 1 mGy (total dose) once at a low dose rate (1 mGy 6-8 h(-1)), and observed the cell growth kinetics up to 5 months by continuous culturing. The growth of(More)
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