Showkat Ahmad Dar

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Small interfering RNA (siRNA) technology has vast potential for functional genomics and development of therapeutics. However, it faces many obstacles predominantly instability of siRNAs due to nuclease digestion and subsequently biologically short half-life. Chemical modifications in siRNAs provide means to overcome these shortcomings and improve their(More)
Current Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreaks that spread in several areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and in pacific islands is declared as a global health emergency by World Health Organization (WHO). It causes Zika fever and illness ranging from severe autoimmune to neurological complications in humans. To facilitate research on this virus, we have developed an(More)
With the passing years, many advanced technologies have come into existence for efficientimage retrieval. Research in content-based image retrieval (CBIR) in the past has been focused on image processing, low-level feature extraction. The accuracy of retrieval has subsequently increased with the use of low level features such as color, texture, shape etc.(More)
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