Shoval Zoran

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The fast current interruption property of drift step recovery diodes (DSRDs) is utilized in high-voltage fast switches. Previously, using a physical device simulator, we have conducted a theoretical investigation of this mechanism in a p<sup>+</sup>&#x03C0;n<sup>+</sup> structure and evaluated the expected dependence of device performances on its structure(More)
Drift-step-recovery diodes (DSRDs) are fast-opening switches capable of delivering nanosecond-scale high-voltage (HV) pulses into a load. The HV capability is achieved by stacking DSRD dies in series. In this paper, we characterize a DSRD die based on silicon epitaxial layers, which was designed and manufactured at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center. In the(More)
For long-term exposure to space it is crucial to understand the underlying mechanisms for altered physiological functions. We have chosen the sea urchin system to study the effects of microgravity on various cellular processes visible during fertilization and subsequent development. We report here on experiments performed on NASA's KC-135 during parabolic(More)
High-pressure-freezing permits direct cryo-fixation of sea urchin embryos having a defined developmental state without the formation of large ice crystals. We have investigated preparation protocols for observing high-pressure-frozen and freeze-fractured samples in the scanning electron microscope. High-pressure-freezing was superior to other freezing(More)
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