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IL-18-binding protein (IL-18BP) is a natural IL-18 inhibitor. Human IL-18BP isoform a was produced as fusion construct with human IgG1 Fc and assessed for binding and neutralizing IL-18. IL-18BP-Fc binds human, mouse, and rat IL-18 with high affinity (K(D) 0.3-5 nM) in a BIAcore-based assay. In vitro, IL-18BP-Fc blocks IL-18 (100 ng/ml)-induced IFN-gamma(More)
Inducible costimulator (ICOS) and B7-related protein-1 (B7RP-1) constitute a receptor-ligand pair involved in T cell costimulation. In this study, the stimulatory effects of B7RP-1 on cellular and humoral immune responses were investigated giving mice a construct with the extracellular domain of murine B7RP-1 fused with human IgG1 Fc (B7RP-1-Fc). B7RP-1-Fc(More)
The inhibitory effects of tetrahydropapaveroline on serotonin biosynthesis in serotonin-producing murine mastocytoma P815 cells were investigated. Tetrahydropapaveroline decreased serotonin content in a concentration-dependent manner in P815 cells and showed 44.9% reduction of serotonin content at a concentration of 5.0 microM for 24 h. The value of 50%(More)
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