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Air pollutants and early origins of respiratory diseases
Air pollution is a global health threat and causes millions of human deaths annually. The late onset of respiratory diseases in children and adults due to prenatal or perinatal exposure to airExpand
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Comprehensive microRNA-sequencing of exosomes derived from head and neck carcinoma cells in vitro reveals common secretion profiles and potential utility as salivary biomarkers
Exosomes are nano-scale, membrane encapsulated vesicles that are released by cells into the extracellular space and function as intercellular signaling vectors through horizontal transfer of biologicExpand
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HLA class I genotypes customize vaccination strategies in immune simulation to combat COVID-19
Memory CD8+ T cells are associated with a better outcome in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and recognized as promising vaccine targets against viral infections. This study determined theExpand
Inflammatory lncRNA AK039862 regulates paraquat-inhibited proliferation and migration of microglial and neuronal cells through the Pafah1b1/Foxa1 pathway in co-culture environments.
Emerging evidences having suggested that particular lncRNAs have a potential effect on PD progression through provoking damage and inflammatory responses of microglia/ dopaminergic cells. InExpand