Shouqun Liu

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With the widespread use of online video application, the amount of online video clips becomes huge. Web video search engines can help users to locate video clips they are interested in. However, most video search engines return similar or near-duplicate videos together in the result lists, which is inconvenient for users to browse. This paper proposes a(More)
Video shot boundary detection is a fundamental step for content base video analysis and has been widely studied in recent years. In this paper, a novel shot boundary detection algorithm is proposed. The algorithm uses feature space kernel smoothing to segment video into shots. The method is demonstrated to have high accuracy in both cuts and gradual(More)
With the widespread use of digital video technology and the explosion of video data, effectively and efficiently organizing the video content becomes an important issue. In past years, various methods and techniques have been proposed towards this problem, among which organizing video data by summarizing the contents is a practical and useful method. The(More)
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