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To meet modern complex control systems communication demands, the paper presents a multi-channel UART controller based on FIFO (first in first out) technique and FPGA (field programmable gate array). The paper presents design method of asynchronous FIFO and structure of the controller. This controller is designed with FIFO circuit block and UART (universal(More)
Based on the combination of advanced RISC microprocessor (ARM), DSP and ARM-Linux, this paper introduces an approach for developing embedded robot control systems. The design of embedded control system includes four aspects, i.e., system structure, functions, hardware, and software design. In the development of the system, some features are included such as(More)
This paper proposes a scheme for the design, gaits planning and kinematics control of a hexapod robot. The robot is symmetrical structure with six identical legs. Each leg consists of three revolute joints which are actuated by position-controlled servos. The paper focuses on two crucial problems for multi-legged robot control, gaits planning and kinematics(More)
Cable-driven mechanisms have high load capacity. Motivating from the latest research results of humanoid-arm bionics and parallel manipulators, a novel design of cable-driven humanoid-arm, which combines the merits of cable-driven and parallel mechanism, is proposed. This paper introduces the specific structure of cable-driven humanoid-arm. The modes of(More)
Based on the current research results of anthropomorphic-arm bionics and parallel manipulators, a motion control approach for a 7-DOF cable-driven manipulator is proposed. This paper introduces mechanical structure design of this anthropomorphic-arm first. For the inverse kinematics of the 7-DOF manipulator, a hybrid algorithm, based on gradient projection(More)
In this paper, the research object is 3-DOF spherical joint robot driven by four cables, which imitates the motion of people's shoulder joint. The dynamic model of the 3-DOF cable-driven robotic shoulder joint is built by using Lagrange dynamics method so as to obtain the standard form of dynamic equation. Based on backstepping technique, the control law of(More)
Calculating the Cartesian coordinate is the first step of image reconstruct based on primitive information from laser scanner. A novel 3D Depth-of-field information collection system in this article is consisted of tow 2D laser scanners and a servo-actuates rotating mirror assembly. The system has a much higher detecting precision than others which drive 2D(More)
A hybrid-driven approach, consisting of cable-driven and convention-driven designs, for a 7-DOF manipulator, is proposed in this paper. This approach combines the merits of cable-driven parallel mechanism and modular serial structure, so that the workspace of the manipulator is larger than that of conventional cable-driven design. The paper first introduces(More)
This paper reviews the current fuzzy control technology from the engineering point of view, and presents a new method for using parallel fuzzy neural network for invert-pendulum. The neural network is designed to be a treble forward direction network structure with two inputs and three outputs. Considering the reiteration of neural network training, a fuzzy(More)