Shoumin Liu

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—In this paper, we develop soft decision equalization (SDE) techniques for frequency selective multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) channels in the quest for low-complexity equalizers with error performance competitive to that of maximum likelihood (ML) sequence detection. We demonstrate that decision feedback equalization (DFE) based on soft-decisions,(More)
The effect of aging on cardiac membrane currents remains unclear. This study examined the inward rectifier K(+) current (I(K1)), the transient outward K(+) current (I(to)), and the L-type Ca(2+) channel current (I(Ca,L)) in ventricular myocytes isolated from young adult (6 mo) and aged (>27 mo) Fischer 344 rats using whole cell patch-clamp techniques. Along(More)
The role of extracellular Ca2+ (Ca(2+)o) in the modulation of cardiac Cl- currents (I(Cl)) such as those activated by cAMP or swelling is uncertain. The effects of Ca(2+)o and extracellular cadmium (Cd(2+)o) on Cl- currents in cultured chick cardiac myocytes were investigated in Na+- and K+-free internal and external solutions using the whole-cell(More)
Liu SJ. Biphasic modulation of GABA release from stellate cells by glutamatergic receptor of inhibitory transmitters from CNS neurons can be modulated by ionotropic glutamate receptors that are present in the presynaptic terminals. In the cerebellum, glutamate released from climbing fibers (but not from parallel fibers) activates presynaptic(More)
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