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—In this paper we develop and investigate two families of efficient distributed cooperative data relaying schemes that can be adopted to forward data in the impulse-based ultra wide band wireless ad-hoc network composed of a pair of source and destination and multiple parallel two-hop relays. The new schemes combine the mechanism of the medium access(More)
Localization of wireless sensor networks is aimed at determining the positions of all sensors in a network, usually given a few connected anchor nodes' positions and certain relative measurements, where the latter could be pairwise distance measurements among directly connected neighbors as considered in this paper. In this paper we investigate the(More)
The recently permitted unlicenced use of the regulated ultra-wideband (UWB) radio spectrum (regulated first by the US FCC in 2002 and subsequently by the standardisation bodies of EU and other major countries) provides wireless ad hoc networks a cheap and promising air-interface technology for their adopted wireless data links, thus offering the potential(More)
In this conference paper we address the problem of distributed cooperative data transfer for ultra wide band (UWB) ad-hoc networks: 1) we propose three improving techniques that can utilize some available but not-yet-utilized additional resources to improve the sub-optimal but widely adopted autocorrelation differential detection for the widely used(More)