Shouheng Tuo

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To enhance the performance of harmony search (HS) algorithm on solving the discrete optimization problems, this paper proposes a novel harmony search algorithm based on teaching-learning (HSTL) strategies to solve 0-1 knapsack problems. In the HSTL algorithm, firstly, a method is presented to adjust dimension dynamically for selected harmony vector in(More)
MOTIVATION Two-locus model is a typical significant disease model to be identified in genome-wide association study (GWAS). Due to intensive computational burden and diversity of disease models, existing methods have drawbacks on low detection power, high computation cost, and preference for some types of disease models. METHOD In this study, two scoring(More)
Aiming at the existing problems of support vector machine ensemble, such as strong randomicity, larger scale of training subsets size and high complexity of ensemble classifier, this paper put forward a novel SVM ensemble construction method based on clustering analysis. Firstly, the samples are clustered into several clusters according to their(More)
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