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CRM is an innovative marketing strategy centered on customer and a comprehensive management and technological method. The application of Data Mining (DW) technology in CRM plays an important role in improving the level and efficiency of CRM in commercial banks. This paper mainly introduces structures of CRM in commercial banks and DM technology, and(More)
In transportation networks, traditional fixed sensors are used to monitor the operation of transportation systems. However, fixed sensors cannot move once they are installed. In this paper, the motion ability of traffic sensors is introduced to improve the performance of transportation network surveillance. A mobile traffic sensor routing problem is(More)
In this work, we focus on cost-efficient techniques for real-time diagnosis in distributed systems that allow an adap-tive, on-line selection and execution of appropriate measurements (tests). Particularly, one of our applications concerns fault diagnosis in distributed computer systems and networks by using test transactions, or probes (e.g., " traceroute(More)
On the basis of the dynamic traffic network equilibrium model under open-loop information structure presented by Byung-Wook Wie, this paper formulates a non-cooperative N-person nonzero-sum differential game model under close-loop information structure. It also takes into account the network with multiple origin-destination pairs and interaction between two(More)
This paper firstly show that a recent model (Tian et al., Transpn. Res. B 71, 138-157, 2015) is not able to well replicate the evolution concavity in traffic flow, i.e. the standard deviation of vehicles increases in a concave/linear way along the platoon. Then we propose an improved model by introducing the safe speed, the logistic function of the(More)