Shoufeng Deng

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This paper studies collaborative strategy for route and spectrum selection in decentralized wireless cognitive radio network. We explore the problem from two aspects: the spectrum stability and the path stability, which we use stochastic processes and probability theory to analyze. Furthermore, we also design a method that measures the interference to(More)
In this work, we formulate the potential game model of joint channel selection and power allocation. First, under the interference constraint, a nonlinear optimization problem is formulated for improving the total throughput and considering the fairness in cognitive radio network. we also define the special objective function for each transmitting node and(More)
In this paper, based on distributed Cognitive Radio Networks, we have investigated the problem of intermittent connectivity in routing for either per link propagation time guarantee or global spectrum utilization, after efficiently analyzing broadcast TV system channel-usage model, we develop a novel collaborative strategy for spectrum and route selection.(More)
This paper studies route selection strategy combined with spectrum characteristic in decentralized cognitive radio network. The problem is explored from two aspects: the path stability under spectrum characteristic and interference. Especially, a method that measures the interference to primary users is designed. Under this measurement method, the route(More)
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