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Swarm intelligence exhibits a number of interesting properties such as flexibility, robustness, decentralization and self-organization. The instances of these algorithms on the domains of optimization, telecommunication network, knowledge discovery and robots are obviously increased. An ant colony algorithm is proposed aiming at the basic ant colony(More)
As a new type of intelligent material, magnetically shape memory alloy (MSMA) has a good performance in its applications in the actuator manufacturing. Compared with traditional actuators, MSMA actuator has the advantages as fast response and large deformation; however, the hysteresis nonlinearity of the MSMA actuator restricts its further improving of(More)
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a novel powerful machine learning method based on statistical learning theory, which is powerful for the characterization of small sample (nonlinearity, high dimension and local minima). Cardiac Diseases are very harmful to the human health. The application of electrocardiogram (ECG) is essential for the clinical diagnosis of(More)
Because Grid comprises various kinds of dynamic and heterogeneous resources and provides the users with transparent services, how to achieve the quality of services for Grid Computing will be in face of more challenges. A QoS Model for Grid Computing based on DiffServ protocol is proposed in this paper. The implementation method is introduced. A(More)
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