Shou-sen Wang

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All surgical approaches to the anterior skull base involve the olfactory cistern and have the risk of damaging the olfactory nerve. The purpose of this study was to describe the microanatomical features of the olfactory cistern and discuss its surgical relevance. In this study, the olfactory cisterns of 15 formalin-fixed adult cadaveric heads were dissected(More)
The aim of this study is to explore the association between the polymorphisms of galectin-3 gene and clinico-pathological characteristics and prognosis of gliomas. We enrolled 190 histologically diagnosed gliomas and 210 healthy controls in this study. Two genetic variants at galectin-3 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) sites (galectin-3 +191 A>C and(More)
Synthesis: Fibrous V 3 O 7 ´H 2 O template crystals were prepared hydrother-mally according to Yamamoto and co-workers [30]: an aqueous solution of VOSO 4 (0.15 M) was sealed in a poly(tetrafluoroethylene)-lined autoclave (Parr bomb 4749, 23 mL capacity) and heated at 180±220 C for 1±2 days. The resulting suspension was filtered, washed several times with(More)
Spliceosome mutations have been reported in various types of cancer and a number of antitumor drugs have been observed to tightly bind to spliceosome components. Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein‑associated polypeptide N (SNRPN) is a small ribonuclear protein and is a key spliceosome constituent. However, the role of SNRPN in human medulloblastoma remains(More)
Livin, a novel member of the human inhibitors of apoptosis protein family, plays an important role in tumor progression and occurrence by inhibiting cell apoptosis. It is selectively expressed in the most common human neoplasms and appears to be involved in tumor cell resistance to chemotherapeutic agents. The present study was designed to investigate the(More)
Ectopic pituitary adenoma with an empty sella is extremely rare. We report an unusual patient with an ectopic growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenoma in the sphenoid sinus with an empty sella. The association is related to a development disorder of the anterior pituitary tissues. Tumor in the sphenoid sinus was completely removed by endoscopic endonasal(More)
Important advances have been made within in past few years in the treatment of glioma, however, the longterm prognosis after resection of glioma remains unsatisfactory as a result of a high incidence of recurrence. To solve this problem, many biologic therapies have been investigated. In the present study, we report a nanoparticle with properties for dual(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim was to investigate the relationship between the tumor (clinicopathologic and radiological) characteristics and the morphological parameters of pituitary macroadenoma or giant adenoma patients using a three-dimensional (3D) reconstructed model. MATERIAL AND METHODS Magnetic resoanance imaging (MRI) was performed preoperatively; tumor(More)
Although about 80% of patients with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis have a good prognosis, some patients develop severe complications and a small proportion do not survive. The study included patients who had been diagnosed with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in our hospital from May 2008 to February 2014. Based on the modified Rankin Scale (mRS) scores(More)
AIM To investigate the variation and significance of malondialdehyde (MDA) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) in brain tissue after secondary brain injury (SBI) with seawater immersion in rats. MATERIAL AND METHODS We randomly divided 163 male Sprague Dawley rats into 4 groups, as normal (Group A), SBI (Group B), SBI with physiological saline immersion (Group(More)