Shou-qian Sun

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The comfort of ankle when driving is very important on driving comfort research. The biomechanics of the foot and ankle are complex and intricately associated with each other. Gross motion of the foot is complex and occurs around three axes and on three planes. The foot is an integral mechanical part of the lower extremity necessary for a smooth and stable(More)
Computation of semantic similarity between concepts is an important foundation for many research works. This paper focuses on IC (information content) computing methods and IC measures, which estimate the semantic similarities between concepts by exploiting the topological parameters of the taxonomy. Based on analyzing representative IC computing methods(More)
Emotional cellular EC , proposed in our previous works, is a kind of semantic cell that contains kernel and shell and the kernel is formalized by a tripleL <P, d, δ >, where P denotes a typical set of positive examples relative to word-L, d is a pseudodistance measure on emotional twodimensional space: valence-arousal, and δ is a probability density(More)
To promote the development of the intangible cultural heritage of the world, shadow play, many studies have focused on shadow puppet modeling and interaction. Most of the shadow puppet figures are still imaginary, spread by ancients, or carved and painted by shadow puppet artists, without consideration of real dimensions or the appearance of human bodies.(More)
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