Shou-jun Yuan

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Mistletoe lectin-I (ML-I), the main anti-cancer component of mistletoe extracts, was originally thought to act exclusively on 28S rRNA. Here, we investigate the down-regulating effect and mechanism of CM-1, an ML-I isolated from Chinese mistletoe, on some miRNAs. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH The anti-cancer effects of CM-1 were assessed in(More)
Artesunate (ART), a remarkable antimalarial agent, also inhibited the growth of human colorectal carcinoma. As determined by MTT assay, flow cytometry analysis on apoptosis and indirect immunofluorescence analysis on the proliferation-associated marker Ki67, ART suppressed the proliferation and promoted the apoptosis of colorectal cancer cells in a(More)
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) was produced by fermentation of the Methylovorus sp. MP688 strain and purified by ion-exchange chromatography, crystallization and recrystallization. The yield of PQQ reached approximately 125 mg/L and highly pure PQQ was obtained. To determine the optimum dose of PQQ for radioprotection, three doses (2 mg/kg, 4 mg/kg, 8(More)
Artesunate, a remarkable antimalarial agent, also reveals profound cytotoxic activity. In the present investigation, we compared the anticancer effects of artesunate on three colorectal cancer cell lines and analyzed the relationship between drug sensitivity and malignant phenotype of the tumor cells. The findings are as follows: poorly-differentiated was(More)
In this study, cattail root was used to remove Congo Red (CR) from aqueous solution. The effects of operation variables, such as cattail root dosage, contact time, initial pH, ionic strength and temperature on the removal of CR were investigated using batch adsorption technique. Removal efficiency increased with increase of cattail root dosage and ionic(More)
This study aimed to compare and assess phthalate contamination in various indoor environments. In this study, 44 floor dust samples from different indoor environments in Delaware, USA were collected and analyzed for 14 phthalates using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Phthalates were detected in all dust samples with the total concentration ranging(More)
With the wide application of plastics, the contamination of plasticizers migrating from plastic materials in the environment is becoming ubiquitous. The presence of phthalates, the major group of plasticizers, in edible items has gained increasingly more concern due to their endocrine disrupting property. In this study, 15 plasticizers in 21 edible(More)
AIM To study the pharmacokinetics and accumulation of an Escherichia coli expressed His-tag fused recombinant human endostatin (rh-endostatin) in Rhesus monkeys. METHODS Rh-endostatin was iv or sc injected in Rhesus monkeys, and the rh-endostatin concentration in serum samples was determined by an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) method. The serum drug(More)
A novel thermosensitive liposome (TL) containing docetaxel (DTX) was designed to enhance DTX-targeted delivery and antitumor effect. TL loading DTX (DTX-TL) were prepared by thin film hydration. The mean particle size of the liposomes was about 100 nm, and the drug entrapment efficiency was more than 95%. The phase transition temperature of liposomes was(More)
Oxytetracycline (2-(amino-hydroxy-methylidene)-4-dimethylamino-5,6,10,11,12a-pentahydroxy-6-methyl-4,4a,5,5a-tetrahydrotetracene-1,3,12-trione) is a major member of the tetracycline antibiotics family of which are widely administered to animals in concentrated animal feeding operations for purposes of therapeutical treatment and health protection. With the(More)