Shou-an Wang

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AIM To characterize the clinical, radiological, endoscopic and pathological features of intestinal tuberculosis (ITB) and primary small intestinal lymphoma (PSIL). METHODS This was a retrospective study from February 2005 to October 2012 of patients with a diagnosis of ITB (n = 41) or PSIL (n = 37). All patients with ITB or PSIL underwent computed(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the value of CT and X-ray enterography in the diagnosis of small intestinal Crohn disease(CD). METHODS Data of 39 CD cases confirmed by surgery and pathology who underwent CT and X-ray enterography were analyzed retrospectively. All the patients had complete CT data, 28 cases had X-ray intestinal barium meal data, and 18 had sinus(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the characteristics of intestinal tuberculosis(ITB) and primary small intestinal lymphoma(PSIL) in order to provide clue for the differential diagnosis. METHODS Data of 24 cases of ITB and 23 cases of PSIL confirmed by surgery and pathology were retrospectively analyzed. The clinical features, endoscopic and CT scan were compared. All(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the diagnostic features of collecting duct carcinoma (CDC). METHODS A total of 7 CDC patients were retrospectively examined by multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT). The relevant diagnostic parameters were assessed. RESULTS All lesions were located in renal medulla. Among them, infiltrations extended to renal calyx (n = 3) and(More)
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