Shou-Jun Zhou

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In this paper, an automatic method to segment the blood vessel for 3D MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) is presented. The segmentation process classifies MRA data into two parts: background and blood vessels. The process includes statistical model based on the voxel intensity and MRF model based on the context information of voxels. Both the models were(More)
In the research of medical image processing, motion estimation and tracking relating to the region of interest has been given considerable attention. For improving the quality of the noisy or cluttered medical images, the particle filter (PF) based on the non-linear and non-Gaussian Bayesian State Estimation is a better as well as a technically challenging(More)
To automatically infer the patterns of vessel structure such as the distal ends, segments, bifurvessel structures, and crossing of two vessels in X-ray angiographic images, a novel method is presented based on Gabor filter and circle detector. The method can cope with varying vessel curvature and intensity feature occur along the longitudinal vessel(More)
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