Shou-Jen Chang-Chien

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This article presents a new similarity measure for LR-type fuzzy numbers. The proposed similarity measure is based on a defined metric between LR-type fuzzy numbers. It is known that an exponential operation is highly useful in dealing with the classical Shannon entropy and cluster analysis. We adopted, therefore, the exponential operation on this metric.(More)
Cluster analysis is a useful tool for data analysis. Clustering methods are used to partition a data set into clusters such that the data points in the same cluster are the most similar to each other and the data points in the different clusters are the most dissimilar. The mean shift was originally used as a kernel-type weighted mean procedure that had(More)
Clustering methods have been widely applied in various areas. The objective of clustering is to find the data structure and also to partition the data set into groups with similar individuals. A mean shift-based method had been proposed as a clustering algorithm. However, most mean shift-based clustering algorithms are used for numeric data. In this paper,(More)
The mean shift clustering algorithm is a useful tool for clustering numeric data. Recently, Chang-Chien et al. [1] proposed a mean shift clustering algorithm for circular data that are directional data on a plane. In this paper, we extend the mean shift clustering for directional data on a hypersphere. The three types of mean shift procedures are(More)
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