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BACKGROUND Stretching improves the flexibility of skeletal muscles, increases the range of motion (ROM) of joints. Stretching is important in prevention of sport-related injuries and influences muscle strength and performance. The effects of Static Stretching (SS) and Cyclic Stretching (CS) have been assessed by examining ROM, muscle power, vertical jump(More)
Ankle braces have been suggested to protect ankle joints from a sprain by restricting inversion and improving proprioception. However, the difference in effects between a semi-rigid brace and a soft brace regarding dynamic postural control after landing is not known. The aim of the present study was to compare the effect of soft (SB) and semi-rigid (SRB)(More)
Recent years, active anterior rhinomanometry using a anesthetic face mask is probably more commonly employed than active posterior rhinomanometry because of occasional failure in obtaining the oropharyngeal pressure in the latter method. Thus, in attempt to overcome the disadvantage in active posterior rhinomanometry, we employed a fine nasal catheter (# 8F(More)
Transnasal differential pressures during spontaneous breathing through an artificial nasal model were measured using anterior and posterior types of rhinomanometry by Rhinorheograph MPR-1100 manufactured by Nihon Kohden Co., Ltd. for comparing postnasal pressures at the nasopharynx with those at the nostril. No significant differences between postnasal(More)
In an attempt to detect the influence of various kinds of face masks and a nasal nozzle on nasal airflow, we made measurements of nasal resistance by a head-out body plethysmograph with or without the masks on the face or the nozzle to the nostril of the normal adult subjects. The mean values of nasal resistance with the masks differed from the mean values(More)
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