Shou - Heng Chen

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Effects of natural organic matters( NOM) and hydrated metal oxides( HMO) in sediments on the anaerobic degradation of gamma-666, p,p'-DDT and HCB were investigated by means of removing NOM and HMO in Liaohe River sediments sequentially. The results showed that the anaerobic degradation of gamma-666, p,p'-DDT and HCB followed pseudo-first-order kinetics in(More)
This paper presents a sensorless vector control system for induction motors by taking into account iron loss, in which a flux-observer-based method is applied. Since the flux observer is constructed in a synchronously rotating reference frame with respect to the rotor flux of a current model and the iron loss resistance of parallel exiting circuit is used,(More)
Volume 2, Issue 1 January February 2013 Page 186 Abstract: Reversible watermarking is broadly used in military and medical applications. In this paper we are presenting a novel pixel replacement method, whose watermark is robust to geometric attack as well as it has maximum embedding capacity than all histogram shifting methods. This idea is generated from(More)
A homogeneous C60 tri-diethyl malonate membrane was fabricated by a facile electro-spinning method. Comprehensive characterizations of its assembling structure, such as SEM, TEM, TGA, UV-vis, and FTIR, were carried out. Different fullerene derivatives show different assembling characters during the electrospining process. Notably, C60 tri-diethyl malonate(More)
This paper studies the optimum design for reducing optical loss of an 8x8 mechanical type optical switch due to the temperature change. The 8x8 optical switch is composed of a base, 8 input fibers, 8 output fibers, 3 fixed mirrors and 17 movable mirrors. First, an innovative switch configuration is proposed with thermal-compensated design. Most mechanical(More)
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