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In biological data, it is often the case that observed data are available only for a subset of samples. When a kernel matrix is derived from such data, we have to leave the entries for unavailable samples as missing. In this paper, the missing entries are completed by exploiting an auxiliary kernel matrix derived from another information source. The(More)
Ordered lists of objects are widely used as representational forms. Such ordered objects include Web search results or best seller lists. In spite of their importance, methods of processing orders have received little attention. Only recently has research concerning object ordering become more common; in particular, some researchers have developed various(More)
—The aim of transfer learning is to improve prediction accuracy on a target task by exploiting the training examples for tasks that are related to the target one. Transfer learning has received more attention in recent years, because this technique is considered to be helpful in reducing the cost of labeling. In this paper, we propose a very simple approach(More)
We study the problem of complex-valued independent sub-space analysis (ISA). We introduce complex flag manifolds to tackle this problem, and, based on Riemannian geometry, propose the natural conjugate gradient method on this class of manifolds. Numerical experiments demonstrate that the natural conjugate gradient method yields better convergence compared(More)
This paper explores a newly developing direction of machine learning called \socially embedded learning". In this research we have been building an oce-conversant mobile robot which autonomously moves around in an of-ce environment, actively gathers information through close interaction with this environment including sensing multi-modal data and making(More)
With the spread of data mining technologies and the accumulation of social data, such technologies and data are being used for determinations that seriously affect individuals' lives. For example, credit scoring is frequently determined based on the records of past credit data together with statistical prediction techniques. Needless to say, such(More)