Shosuke Suzuki

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BACKGROUND Few studies have examined the association of perceived health with socio-economic status, especially income, and social isolation and support in Japan. The purpose of this study is to clarify the associations among perceived health, lifestyle, and socio-economic status, as well as social isolation and support factors, in middle-aged and elderly(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a common mental disorder. Several studies suggest that lifestyle and health status are associated with depression. However, only a few large-scale longitudinal studies have been conducted on this topic. METHODS The subjects were middle-aged and elderly Japanese adults between the ages of 40 and 69 years. A total of 9,650(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to clarify the median age at natural menopause and the proportions of women with premature ovarian failure (POF) and early menopause (EM) by using Kaplan-Meier cumulative estimates and differences in reproductive and lifestyle factors associated with POF, EM and median age at menopause in a large population of Japanese(More)
BACKGROUND No prospective studies have examined the association between social networks and all-cause and cause-specific mortality among middle-aged Japanese. The study of varied populations may contribute to clarifying the robustness of the observed effects of social networks and extend their generalizability. METHODS To clarify the association between(More)
Risk Factors for Liver Dysfunction in Middle Aged Men based on Four Year Health Examination Data: Kumiko TAJIMA, et al. Department of Public Health, Gunma University School of Medicine—In order to develop a better lifestyle improvement program, the relationship between lifestyle and changes in liver function were compared through datal inkage of a sel f(More)
A total of 16,663 pairs of junior high school students and their mothers in Indonesian cities were surveyed, using a self-administered questionnaire, to measure the effect of air pollution on respiratory health and the cost of associated illness. Multiple regression analysis showed that the prevalence rates of the symptoms of cough, phlegm, persistent(More)
Low Back Pain and Smoking in a Community Sample in Japan: Tetsuya OTANI, et al. Department of Public Health, Gunma University School of Medicine—A cross-sectional study with a self-administered questionnaire was conducted in order to examine the association between low back pain and smoking. The subjects analyzed were 6,891 adults aged 40–69 yr, who lived(More)
To examine rural-urban differences in the relationships of sociodemographic, social network, and lifestyle factors to mortality in middle-aged men, we used the data from a community based prospective cohort study, the Komo-Ise study. The subjects were all men aged 40-69 years living in Komochi Village, the rural group (n=2,295), or the downtown district of(More)
To assess the renal effects of low-level exposure to cadmium due to smoking we examined blood and urinary levels of cadmium and urinary excretions of N-acetyl-β-d-glucosaminidase (NAG), β2-microglobulin (BMG) and metallothionein in 94 male workers aged 18–55 years. Both blood and urinary cadmium levels indicated excess exposure to cadmium caused by smoking.(More)