Shoshana Loeb

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"This paper presents suggested matches for the geographical coding (geocoding) of metropolitan areas in the 1970, 1980, and 1990 Censuses. The Census Bureau used different definitions and taxonomies to describe the geography of metropolitan areas in these three Census years. As a result, the geographical areas referred to by the standard Census Bureau(More)
Applications accessible through mobile devices, such as mobile phones, are playing an increasingly important part in the delivery of high quality and personalized healthcare services. In this paper, we examine current usage of mobile devices and networks by mobile healthcare applications, and present our views on how mobile devices and networks could be(More)
We have developed a class of mobile applications that monitor and assist users with their tasks in time and space. The applications provide users with suggestions and reminders based on derived user intent. User intentions are derived from calendar and to-do list entries and are placed in time and space based on user context and availability for the(More)