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Information filtering and personalization are central to the viability of many advanced connected services that are currently being developed for mobile consumer electronic devices. The usability of these services is closely tied to their ability to offer relevant, context sensitive information while shielding the user from both information overload and(More)
The Web 2.0 paradigm is all about the development of applications and content at the edge of the network by anyone. This ldquowisdom of the crowdrdquo type of activity resulted in a large number of applications being introduced in short time frames utilizing the telecom network as a ldquodumb piperdquo. However, IMS may open up the business opportunities(More)
The LyricTime TM system is a personalized music system that currently runs on SUN SPARCstation TM workstations . Songs are automatically selected for listeners by a filter that adapts to them according to feedback the y provide. The songs are played at a listener's workstation using its built-in audio capability. At the same time, a still image from the(More)
Static analysis of access-control policies is becoming increasingly important. Such analysis can reveal errors and vulnerabilities in the policies, as well as logical inconsistencies, unintended effects, and discrepancies between different policies or different versions of the same policy. In the process, it helps policy developers to better understand the(More)
This short paper outlines the innovative and promising work that we are undertaking to improve the quality of mobile services. We are investigating algorithms and system architectures that will allow mobile service providers to implement services and operational support systems - both in the infrastructure and on the mobile device - that improve efficiency,(More)