Shorash Amin

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The sequencing, de novo assembly and annotation of transcriptome datasets generated with next generation sequencing (NGS) has enabled biologists to answer genomic questions in non-model species with unprecedented ease. Reliable and accurate de novo assembly and annotation of transcriptomes, however, is a critically important step for transcriptome(More)
We undertook deep sequencing of gill transcriptomes from two freshwater crayfish, Cherax cainii and Cherax destructor, in order to generate genomic resources for future genomics research. Over 83 and 100 million high quality (quality score (Q)≥30) paired-end Illumina reads (150 bp) were assembled into 147,101 and 136,622 contigs in C. cainii and C.(More)
BACKGROUND The endemic Australian freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium koombooloomba, provides a model for exploring genes involved with freshwater adaptation because it is one of the relatively few Macrobrachium species that can complete its entire life cycle in freshwater. METHODS The present study was conducted to identify potential candidate genes that are(More)
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