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Novel biocompatible composite (Chitosan-zinc oxide nanoparticle): preparation, characterization and dye adsorption properties.
In this paper, the preparation, characterization and dye adsorption properties of novel biocompatible composite (Chitosan-zinc oxide nanoparticle) (CS/n-ZnO) were investigated. Zinc oxideExpand
Novel biosorbent (Canola hull): Surface characterization and dye removal ability at different cationic dye concentrations
Abstract In this paper, surface of novel biosorbent (Canola hull) was characterized and its dye removal ability at different cationic dye concentrations was studied. The isoelectric point, functionalExpand
Amine-functionalized silica nanoparticle: Preparation, characterization and anionic dye removal ability
Abstract In this paper, silica nanoparticle (SN) and amine-functionalized silica nanoparticle (AFSN) were prepared and their dye removal abilities were investigated. Physical characteristics ofExpand
The effect of pH on the removal of anionic dyes from colored textile wastewater using a biosorbent
The effect of pH on equilibrium and kinetics of dye adsorption onto canola hull as a biosorbent was studied. Reactive Red 198 (RR198), Reactive Blue 19 (RB19), Direct Red 79 (DR79), and Direct Red 80Expand
Synthesis, characterization and dye removal ability of high capacity polymeric adsorbent: polyaminoimide homopolymer.
In this paper, polyaminoimide homopolymer (PAIHP) was synthesized and its dye removal ability was investigated. Physical characteristics of PAIHP were studied using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)Expand
Equilibrium and kinetic studies of the cationic dye removal capability of a novel biosorbent Tamarindus indica from textile wastewater
In this paper, the use of tamarind hull biosorbent (Tamarindus indica) has been investigated to remove cationic dyes from textile eflluent. Basic Violet 6 and Basic Red 18 were used as cationic dyeExpand
Oxidation of dyes from colored wastewater using activated carbon/hydrogen peroxide
Abstract In this paper, the oxidation of dyes from colored textile wastewater by activated carbon (AC)/hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) was discussed. Acid Red 18 (AR18), Direct Red 80 (DR80) and ReactiveExpand
Degradation of dyes using combined photo-Fenton/activated carbon: synergistic effect
AbstractIn this paper, the effect of activated carbon (AC) on the photocatalytic degradation of dyes using photo-Fenton process was investigated. Reactive Red 198 (RR198) and Reactive Red 120 (RR120)Expand
رف مرخ اكوش 1 يمارآ راتخم ، 2 ه ، يمارهب ريژ 3 * 1 يسانشراك يوجشناد ناريا ،نارهت ،ريبكريما يتعنص هاگشناد ،يجاسن يسدنهم هدكشناد ،دشرا قودنص ، يتسپ : 4413 15874 2 ناريا ،نارهت ،ريبكريما يتعنص هاگشنادExpand
Innovative Biological Emissions Treatment Technology Deployment to Reduce Air Pollution for Petroleum and Petrochemical Operations July 2016
A sequential bio-treatment system, defined as a combined treatment consisting of a bio-trickling filter and biofilter, was deployed at a BTX wastewater sump at a coastal petrochemical refinery toExpand