Shonkor Kumar Das

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Cordyceps militaris is a potential harbour of bio-metabolites for herbal drugs and evidences are available about its applications for revitalization of various systems of the body from ancient times. Amongst all the species, C. militaris is considered as the oldest source of some useful chemical constituents. Besides their popular applications for tonic(More)
Cordycepin (3′-deoxyadenosine) exhibits antimicrobial, anticancer, antimetastatic, immunomodulatory and insecticidal effects, and is one of the most important bioactive anticancer agents found in Cordyceps species (summer grass-winter worm). However, due to the requirements of specific hosts and strict growth environments, Cordyceps militaris is very scarce(More)
Cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine) is one of the most versatile metabolites of Cordyceps militaris due to its broad spectrum of biological activity. In our previous study, the C. militaris mutant G81-3, which produces higher levels of cordycepin, was obtained by high-energy proton beam irradiation. In this study, the effects of adenosine on cordycepin(More)
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