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All casualty attendances (25 707) at a general hospital in the year 1979 were reviewed considering sex, age, employment, location of accident, mechanism of accident, diagnosis, time of arrival at casualty, day of week, week, and month. Males, young people (less than 32 years old), and working people were common attenders. Home accidents and weekend visits(More)
Acknowledgements We extend our gratitude to the children who were at the heart of this study and who willingly consented to participate. Their candour and unselfconsciousness was most encouraging. Parents/caregivers, principals, and school boards of trustees provided their support and gave us the necessary freedom to explore learning and teaching in the(More)
BACKGROUND Health and life expectancy for people with hemophilia have improved significantly in recent years, but we face new challenges, especially in the context of resource-constrained health services. AIM This paper aims to highlight such challenges and propose practical solutions. METHODS Nine hemophilia specialists from Australia and New Zealand(More)
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