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The effects of 2 mM cesium (Cs+) and a novel selective bradycardic agent ZD7288 (0.64 microM) on sinoatrial Node (SAN) pacing rate were investigated in an isolated guinea pig SAN/atrial preparation, rabbit SAN preparation, and isolated working rabbit heart preparation. The effect of Cs+ and ZD7288 on the response of the preparations to increased(More)
Catecholamines can offset the negative effect of acidosis and raised extracellular K+ concentration in the isolated rabbit heart when these factors are changed with similar kinetics and concentrations as those observed in exercise. This effect appears to be mediated by changes in Ca2+ handling in the heart. To test the role of Ca2+ in vivo, we studied the(More)
The whole-cell patch-clamp method was used to investigate the role of Na/Ca exchange current (INa,Ca) in the shortening action of raised extracellular calcium on the ventricular action potential. Experiments were performed either using BAPTA to buffer intracellular calcium, or by replacing extracellular Na+ with Li- to abolish INa,Ca. A blocker of Ik,(More)
Resting subjects risk cardiac arrest if plasma potassium ([K+]p) is raised rapidly to 7-9 mM, but brief bouts of exhaustive exercise in healthy subjects can give similar [K+]p without causing cardiac problems. We investigated the effects of [K+]p and catecholamines on systolic blood pressure (SBP) and mean aortic flow (MAF) in anesthetized rabbits and on(More)
Social networking systems (SNS's) such as Facebook are an ever evolving and developing means of social interaction, which is not only being used to disseminate information to family, friends and colleagues but as a way of meeting and interacting with "strangers" through the advent of a large number of social applications. The attractiveness of such software(More)
Ethics is an important element in all aspects of computing, but proves to be a real problem in the development and delivery of electronic commerce systems. There are many aspects of ethics that can affect electronic commerce systems, but perhaps the most notable and worrying to both consumers and developers is that of trust. In a world where so much(More)