Shona Leitch

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AIM The aim was to examine the impact of post restraint reduction meetings upon the frequency and restrictiveness of restraint use in English children's residential services. BACKGROUND Attention has been drawn to the misuse, overuse and safety of some techniques used to physically restrain children in residential services. Successful interventions to(More)
Social networking systems (SNS’s) such as Facebook are an ever evolving and developing means of social interaction, which is not only being used to disseminate information to family, friends and colleagues but as a way of meeting and interacting with "strangers" through the advent of a large number of social applications. The attractiveness of such software(More)
Since computers were first introduced in the late 1960’s there has been continued debate on the impact of technology, organisations and staff within those organisations. Enid Mumford was one of the key researchers who looked at the Socio-Technical implications through the decades, and as part of her research she developed the ETHICS method to help improve(More)
The politics of change are both played out within the arena of discourse and dedicated to transforming that arena. In this article, we bring together critical discourse theory and political process theory in order to highlight the ways in which a process of discourse transformation can be deployed by organisations to effect political and economic change. In(More)