Shomir Wilson

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This paper discusses the role of models in the design of user interfaces, with particular emphasis on integration across different modelling stages. We are concerned with bridging the gap between psychologically motivated modelling approaches to HCI and implementation oriented interaction models, to produce a task-informed user interface design process. An(More)
plan or hope; deviations from the ideal are a fact of life. As Heraclitus noted almost 2500 years ago, “only change endures.” Though Heraclitus was silent on whether the inevitable change will be good or bad, Murphy’s Law tells us to expect the worst. Given the pervasive and often perverse nature of the unexpected, it is not surprising that humans are adept(More)
Privacy policies are a nearly ubiquitous feature of websites and online services, and the contents of such policies are legally binding for users. However, the obtuse language and sheer length of most privacy policies tend to discourage users from reading them. We describe a pilot experiment to use automatic text categorization to answer simple categorical(More)
Metalanguage is an essential linguistic mechanism which allows us to communicate explicit information about language itself. However, it has been underexamined in research in language technologies, to the detriment of the performance of systems that could exploit it. This paper describes the creation of the first tagged and delineated corpus of English(More)
What commonsense knowledge do intelligent systems need, in order to recover from failures or deal with unexpected situations? It is impractical to represent predetermined solutions to deal with every unanticipated situation or provide predetermined fixes for all the different ways in which systems may fail. We contend that intelligent systems require only a(More)
During the past year, Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC (EPT) has extensively studied and improved the lithium-ion chemistry to optimize it for use in aerospace applications. Notable progress has been made in the past several months under a US Government contract awarded in the fall of 1998. Studies have been ongoing on cell components, processing and cell(More)
We prospectively evaluated 356 bacteria and fungi recovered from broth enrichment tubes from cultures with sterile direct plates to determine the clinical impact of isolates recovered only from broth cultures. These "broth only" isolates (BOI) were classified as contaminants or true on the basis of review of patient charts. True isolates were considered(More)
Natural language privacy policies have become a de facto standard to address expectations of “notice and choice” on the Web. However, users generally do not read these policies and those who do read them struggle to understand their content. Initiatives aimed at addressing this problem through the development of machine-readable standards have run into(More)
Location sharing is a popular feature of online social networks, but challenges remain in the effective presentation of privacy choices to users, whose location sharing preferences are complex and diverse. One proposed approach for capturing these nuances builds on the observation that key attributes of users' location sharing preferences can be represented(More)
Brittleness is a common problem among AI systems. Autonomous systems, including those that learn, may be faced with unanticipated situations that cause decreased performance, or in the worstcase, catastrophic failures from which the system cannot recover. In this paper, we describe a construct called the metacognitive loop (MCL) that allows AI systems to(More)