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Regenerative endodontics has encountered substantial challenges toward clinical translation. The adoption by the American Dental Association of evoked pulp bleeding in immature permanent teeth is an important step for regenerative endodontics. However, there is no regenerative therapy for most endodontic diseases. Simple recapitulation of cell therapy and(More)
From its inception, tissue engineering has had three tenets: cells, biomaterial scaffolds and signaling molecules. Among the triad, cells are the center piece, because cells are the building blocks of tissues. For decades, cell therapies have focused on the procurement, manipulation and delivery of healthy cells for the treatment of diseases or trauma.(More)
The primary goal of regenerative endodontics is to restore the vitality and functions of the dentin-pulp complex, as opposed to filing of the root canal with bioinert materials. A myriad of growth factors regulates multiple cellular functions including migration, proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis of several cell types intimately involved in(More)
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