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A cross-sectional questionnaire study was carried out on nursery school (NS) teachers in public nursery schools in N city in Japan to determine the magnitude of associations of probable risk factors with neck, shoulder, and arm pain, adjusting for potential confounders in logistic regression models. Of 1438 subjects, responded to the questionnaire, 959 NS(More)
BACKGROUND The causes of cancer-related fatigue, which can influence patients' activities, are multidimensional; however, little is known about the cognitive dimension. We examined the association of cognitive fatigue with menopause, depressive symptoms, and quality of life in ambulatory breast cancer patients after primary treatment. METHODS This(More)
  • Shoko Ando
  • Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy
  • 2003
This article discusses palliative care for the patients and their families and the role of nurses for a smooth change from inpatient services to home care. Home is where a patient feels most comfortable. To provide the best possible care it is important to respect the decision of the patient and his family maximally and QOL takes top priority. Through the(More)
To investigate the association between the type of support provided by nurses for dyspnoea and palliative care practice in Japan, a cross-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted in 2015. Of the 535 questionnaires sent to nurses working at 22 designated cancer hospitals, 344 were returned. The questionnaire assessed the demographic characteristics of(More)
OBJECTIVE Supportive care is a critical issue especially for patients with cancer of unknown primary since they often face serious situations, continuing to seek for relevant diagnosis and treatment with the primary sites unknown. However, there are only few research reports on this subject. The aim of this study was to clarify the experience on patients(More)
PURPOSE To compare smoking cessation rates among patients with underlying diseases treated with the same anti-smoking program and to analyze the relationship between disease entity and cessation rate, retrospectively. SUBJECT Between June and December 2006, 98 patients were treated at the Nicotine Addiction Clinic in Nagoya Medical Center. Of these, 97(More)
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