Shoki Tashiro

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Sketch-based 3D shape retrieval has become an important research topic in content-based 3D object retrieval. The aim of this track is to measure and compare the performance of sketch-based 3D shape retrieval methods based on a large scale hand-drawn sketch query dataset which has 7200 sketches and a generic 3D model target dataset containing 1258 3D models.(More)
With the increased use of 3D shape objects in a wide range of fields, photo-based 3D shape retrieval has recently attracted attention. Photo-based 3D shape retrieval is a newly developed search technique to retrieve 3D shape objects using a 2D photo image as the search query. We report the development of a benchmark dataset for evaluating the search(More)
In recent years, 3D shape objects have spread on the Internet. Using a 2D photo as a query for 3D shape retrieval is usually much easier than preparing a 3D shape object or drawing a 2D sketch. We propose a new method for photo-based 3D shape retrieval using a so-called "Intrinsic Image." Intrinsic Image enables us to separate a given 2D photo into(More)
We have witnessed 3D shape models abundant in many application fields including 3D CAD/CAM, augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR), and entertainment. Creating 3D shape models from scratch is still very expensive. Efficient and accurate methods for shape retrieval is essential for 3D shape models to be reused. To retrieve similar 3D shape models, one must provide(More)
The goal of this track is to study and evaluate the performance of 3D object retrieval algorithms using RGB-D data. This is inspired from the practical need to pair an object acquired from a consumer-grade depth camera to CAD models available in public datasets on the Internet. To support the study, we propose ObjectNN, a new dataset with well segmented and(More)
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