Shoji Yamamoto

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The HNK-1 carbohydrate epitope, a sulfated glucuronic acid at the non-reducing terminus of glycans, is expressed characteristically on a series of cell adhesion molecules and is synthesized through a key enzyme, glucuronyltransferase (GlcAT-P). We generated mice with a targeted deletion of the GlcAT-P gene. The GlcAT-P -/- mice exhibited normal development(More)
Recurrent mutations in histone-modifying enzymes imply key roles in tumorigenesis, yet their functional relevance is largely unknown. Here, we show that JARID1B, encoding a histone H3 lysine 4 (H3K4) demethylase, is frequently amplified and overexpressed in luminal breast tumors and a somatic mutation in a basal-like breast cancer results in the gain of(More)
Genetically activated kinases have been attractive therapeutic targets in cancer due to the relative ease of developing tumor-specific treatment strategies for them. To discover novel puta-tive oncogenic kinases, we identified 26 genes commonly amplified and overexpressed in breast cancer and subjected them to a lentiviral shRNA cell viability screen in a(More)
Subgraph isomorphism problems have various important applications, while they are generally NP-complete. Though Ullmann's algorithm can be implemented by parallel hardware to accelerate the execution, it requires too many hardware resources. Konishi's algorithm requires much less resources, but it is slower than Ullmann's. Generally, logic gates are(More)