Shoji Tami

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Abstracf -Nanocrystalline Si powder prepared by Laser Induced CVD (LCVD) showed photoluminescence (PL) at wavelengths of 400-900 nm when excited at 488 nm and 330 nm. The powder consists of spherical grains with an average diameter of 25 nm and log-normal size distribution. In this study we present a model which explains the origin of thephotoluminescence:(More)
The mechanisms of dissociation between the neocortical and hippocampal EEGs following neuroleptics were investigated using electrophysiological techniques in chronically electrode-implanted cats. Haloperidol, ID-4708 (a new butyrophenone) and perphenazine produced dissociation between the neocortical and hippocampal EEGs, but thioridazine and clozapine did(More)
From May 1965 to December 1979, finger replantation were performed on 157 patients (229 digits). Of these 205 fingers were successfully replanted with an overall success rate of 89.5%. In most cases, sensation was recovered to more than protective sensation and approximately 50% of the cases showed 2-point-dicrimination of less than 15 mm. Restricted joint(More)
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