Shoji Kurakake

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We study the case of integrating situational reasoning into a mobile service recommendation system. Since mobile Inter-net services are rapidly proliferating, finding and using appropriate services requires profound service descriptions. As a consequence, for average mobile users it is nowadays virtually impossible to find the most appropriate service among(More)
One of the biggest challenges in future application development is device heterogeneity. In the future, we expect to see a rich variety of computing devices that can run applications. These devices have different capabilities in processors, memory, networking, screen sizes, input methods, and software libraries. We also expect that future users are likely(More)
As a step to realize usable mobile internet services , this paper proposes a task ontology-based description method for the model of mobile phone users. The new method supports the description of users' activity and related knowledge such as planning, prevention method for accidents and how to solve problems that occurs on the users. Such models contribute(More)