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For low-noise complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, the reduction of pixel source follower noises is becoming very important. Column-parallel high-gain readout circuits are useful for low-noise CMOS image sensors. This paper presents column-parallel high-gain signal readout circuits, correlated multiple sampling (CMS) circuits and(More)
Digital still and video cameras require ADCs with high 14b or more of resolution to obtain sufficient image quality after the data pass through the color processing pipeline. A column-parallel ADC in CMOS image sensors helps to enable high-speed readout of high-quality images by preventing the large wideband noise caused by high-speed analog readout(More)
The partial charge transfer technique can expand the dynamic range of a CMOS image sensor by synthesizing two types of signal, namely the long and short accumulation time signals. However the short accumulation time signal obtained from partial transfer operation suffers of non-linearity with respect to the incident light. In this paper, an analysis of the(More)
A description is given of a 32*32-bit signed digit multiplier implemented with multiple-valued, bidirectional, current-mode circuits and based on two-microcomputer complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology. The multiplier can perform 32-bit two's-complement multiplication with three-stage SD full adders using a binary-tree addition scheme The(More)