Shoji Fukuda

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In the present study, we examined a novel method of stimulating myocardial angiogenesis through ischemic preconditioning (IP) in the form of in vivo four repetitive cycles of coronary artery occlusion each followed by reperfusion. Rats divided into 4 groups: Control+Sham surgery (CS), Control+ Left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) occlusion (CMI),(More)
A modern experimental strategy for treating myocardial ischemia is to induce neovascularization of the heart by the use of "angiogens", mediators that induce the formation of blood vessels, or angiogenesis. Studies demonstrated that coronary collateral vessels protect ischemic myocardium after coronary obstruction; therefore we sought to examine a novel(More)
In our study, resveratrol (polyphenol) has been identified as a very important stimulus/agent for the induction of new vessel growth. Occlusion of a main coronary depletes the blood supply to the myocardium and subsequently reduces cardiac function, which ultimately leads to heart failure. Progressive, chronic coronary artery occlusion has been shown to(More)
BACKGROUND Warfarin dosing is difficult to establish because of considerable interindividual variation. Thus, warfarin pharmacogenetics have attracted particular interest in relation to appropriate control of anticoagulation. METHODS AND RESULTS The 200 eligible subjects were chosen from participants in a hospital cohort. Performance of a pharmacogenetic(More)
Direct vasodilator effects of nitroglycerin, nifedipine, cilnidipine and diltiazem on human skeletonized internal mammary artery graft harvested with ultrasonic scalpel were assessed in the presence of 0.1 or 0.2 µM of noradrenaline. Ring preparations were made of distal end section of the bypass grafts, and those dilated by acetylcholine were used for(More)
AIMS To identify differences in the characteristics of patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) according to their etiological classification and to compare their healing time. METHODS Over a 4.5-year period, 73 patients with DFUs were recruited. DFUs were etiologically classified as being of neuropathic, ischemic, or neuro-ischemic origin. Descriptive(More)
In the consolidation period of distraction osteogenesis, mineralization occurs before corticalization. We hypothesized that the increased rate of bone mineral density correlates to the density of vascularity in the callus. We unilaterally lengthened the tibia in eight adult beagles. After a waiting period of 7 days, tibiae were lengthened for 30 days. After(More)
This study attempts to address an important clinical issue by identifying potential candidates of VEGF signaling through Flt-1 receptor that trigger angiogenic signal under ischemic stress. To determine the significance of VEGF-Flt-1 (VEGFR1) signaling in ischemic preconditioned (PC) myocardium, we used heterozygous Flt-1 knockout (KO) mice to dissect the(More)
In the Western World ischemic coronary disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Therapeutic approaches mostly aim to restore flow to a localized segment by angioplasty or bypass surgery. Therapeutic angiogenesis and or arteriogenesis describes a strategy where blood vessel formation is induced for the purposes of treating and/or preventing(More)