Shoji Akita

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We report herein the development of an efficient fluorescence assay for serine/threonine kinases using a peptide array. Our approach is based on chemical reactions specific to phosphoserine and phosphothreonine residues, that is, base-mediated beta-elimination of the phosphate group and subsequent Michael addition of a thiol-containing fluorescent reagent.(More)
Liquid chromatography-radioisotope-mass spectrometry (LC-RI-MS) analysis was used to determine the structures of 12 (four previously unknown) (14) C-tolbutamide (TB) metabolites in rat biological samples (plasma, urine, bile, feces, and microsomes). The four novel metabolites are ω-carboxy TB, hydroxyl TB (HTB)-O-glucuronide, TB-ortho or meta-glutathion,(More)
Recently, the fluorometric detection of biomacromolecules has attracted much attention. In this paper, we report the development of two new techniques utilizing the chemical properties of amino acids or peptides: 1) a fluorescence assay for serine/threonine kinase activity; and 2) "turn-on" fluorescent probes for protein labeling, which could be useful for(More)
[chemical reaction: see text]. A novel fluorescence-based assay for serine/threonine kinases is described. Base-mediated beta-elimination of the phosphate moiety and the Michael addition of a thiol-containing fluorescent molecule allows convenient and efficient detection of the enzyme activity. This approach may be broadly applicable to various(More)
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