Shoji Akahane

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Calcinosis universalis associated with dermatomyositis occurred in a 58-year-old woman. Tissues removed from the sublingual region in the patient were studied by ordinary microscopy, electron microscopy, and an electron-microanalytic method. The calcified materials were distributed on collagen fibers and seemed to have a relationship with foci of fibrinoid(More)
It has been reported that the Mg-insufficient bone is fragile upon mechanical loading, despite its high bone mineral density, while vitamin K2 (MK-4: menatetrenone) improved the mechanical strength of Mg-insufficient bone. Therefore, we aimed to elucidate the ultrastructural properties of bone in rats with dietary Mg insufficiency with and without MK-4(More)
The ultrastructural aspects of initial calcification in the rat subcutaneous tissues elicited by the root canal filling material Vitapex, made up of calcium hydroxide and iodoform with the addition of silicone oil, were studied by means of electron microscopic and cytochemical techniques. The embedded paste caused heterotopic calcifications. These were(More)
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