Shoichi Yamazaki

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Geometrical studies and experiments were done in order to specify requirements for the imaging and display systems of a stereo video see-through HMD for AR systems. It was found that it is necessary to set the lefr and right optical axes of the stereoscopic imaging system to be parallel to one another, and likewise for the display system. It was also found(More)
Abstrucl-This paper proposes a practical multimedia content handling method of content portability, in which contents are freely handed over among different equipment offering effective content viewing to individuals. In this article, the concept and approaches of content portability are introduced, and system features of the experimental system are shown.(More)
This paper presents a paper-based cross-media cooperation concept, in which paper materials are used for portals of digital contents to overcome the limitation of digital content accessibility. The concept and approaches of the paper-based cross-media cooperation are introduced and the system features of the experimental system are described. Through these(More)
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