Shoichi Takeda

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We propose a novel inter-reflection compensation technique for immersive projection displays wherein we spatially modulate the reflectance pattern on the screen to improve the compensation performance of conventional methods. As the luminance of light reflected on a projection surface is mathematically represented as the multiplication of the illuminance of(More)
—We propose an immersive projection display with dynamic reflectance control using photochromism. The re-flectance control is effective for inter-reflection compensation. Software-based inter-reflection compensation techniques, which are conventional techniques, suffer from the projector's limited dynamic range in reproducing the target appearance on(More)
We analyzed the prosodic features of " anger, " " joy, " and " sadness " expressions in Noh farce (" Kyohgen ") speech depending on the degree of the emotions. The degrees were divided into the following four categories: " neutral, " " low, " " medium " and " high. " A male Noh comedian uttered 6 words that are phonetically similar with one another five(More)
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