Shoichi Maeyama

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The authors aim at map based outdoor navigation of a mobile robot. In navigation, robot position is fundamentally obtained by odometry. However, the position is misaligned as the robot moves because odometry has cumulative error. DGPS measurement data may cancel its position error. The framework of EKF is used fur the modification and the fusion between(More)
Rapid information gathering during the initial stage of investigation is an important process in case of disasters. However this task could be very risky, or even impossible for human rescue crews, when the environment has contaminated by nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. We developed the information gathering system using multiple mobile robots(More)
This paper presents a study on tip-over prediction for a holonomic omnidirectional transport mobile robot with active dual-wheel caster (ADWC) assemblies. With concern to the dynamic supporting polygon and the existence of sudden dynamic changes during maneuver, the tip-over stability monitoring and its prevention becomes important. The candidate of(More)
A holonomic omnidirectional mobile robot with active dual-wheel caster assemblies is proposed as a robotic transport vehicle. With concern to the existence of sudden acceleration and other dynamical effects during maneuver, the tip-over instability monitoring is very important to prevent any unexpected injuries and property damage. This work presents the(More)