Shoibal Chakravarty

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We present a framework for allocating a global carbon reduction target among nations, in which the concept of "common but differentiated responsibilities" refers to the emissions of individuals instead of nations. We use the income distribution of a country to estimate how its fossil fuel CO(2) emissions are distributed among its citizens, from which we(More)
We describe a mechanism for localising branes in ambient space. When a 3-form flux is turned on in a Taub-NUT space, an M5-brane gets an effective potential that pins it to the center of the space. A similar effect occurs for M2-branes and D-branes with appropriate fluxes. In carefully chosen limits of the external parameters, this leads to new theories(More)
India’s several interlinked energyrelated challenges can only be met by long-term planning and coordinated action by various stakeholders. By highlighting the Planning Commission’s Integrated Energy Policy report, this article proposes the creation of a government-supported statutory energy modelling institution – the Bureau of Energy Information and(More)
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