Shohtaro Karino

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The acquisition of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) receptors during folliculogenesis is believed to be a key event in follicle development. We have examined the effects of FSH and activin on FSH receptor mRNA in cultured rat granulosa cells. Treatment of granulosa cells with FSH resulted in transient suppression of the FSH receptor mRNA levels 2-6 h(More)
The effect of FSH on the induction of FSH receptors in granulosa cells is believed to be mediated, at least in part, by the cAMP second messenger system. We examined the effect of activin and cAMP on FSH receptor expression in this culture system. Steady-state levels of FSH receptor mRNA, analyzed by Northern blot hybridization, increased 3.5-fold in(More)
To investigate the regulation of ovarian midkine (MK) production at the mRNA level, we evaluated changes in MK mRNA in cultured granulosa cells. The level of MK mRNA increased in a time-dependent manner in the presence of FSH or retinoic acid (RA). FSH increased MK mRNA levels in a dose-dependent manner to a maximum of about 2-fold increase. The stimulatory(More)
In a previous experiment, it was shown that midkine (MK) was quite abundant in the follicular fluid; the concentration of MK in bovine follicular fluid was estimated to be 125 micrograms/l. To investigate the regulation of MK production in the ovary, we examined the effect of pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin (PMSG) and PMSG-hCG treatment on the expression(More)
The regulation of the follistatin mRNA by hormones and endocrine manipulations was examined in granulosa cell cultures. The follistatin mRNA accumulation was stimulated in a dose-dependent manner by follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) with a maximal response twice as great as in control cultures at a dose of 100 ng/ml FSH. The time course of the FSH effect(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the activity of the serum FSH bioactivity in patients with premature ovarian failure (POF). DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Infertility and gynecology outpatient clinics at the Gunma University School of Medicine, Gunma, Japan. PATIENTS Twelve women, aged 27 to 39 years, with POF and nine postmenopausal women. INTERVENTIONS(More)
The acquisition of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) receptors during follicogenesis is believed to be a key event in the subsequent development of the follicle. We have examined the effect of FSH on FSH receptor mRNA in cultured rat granulosa cells by means of FSH receptor cRNA probe. Northern blot analysis indicated the existence of two predominant FSH(More)
A diversity of time when increase in mortality after conjugation occurs during the lifespan was found in subclones of three stocks of Paramecium caudatum. A possible micronuclear contribution to the increase in sterility has been investigated by micronuclear transplantation. We found two classes of micronuclei in aged clones: those that can function(More)