Shohei Yokoyama

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As the Earth’s ecosystem is a spatially and temporally complex system by nature, it is not sufficient to observe such events and phenomena locally; problems must be solved on a global scale. Therefore, the accumulation of knowledge about the earth in various forms and a scientifically correct understanding of the earth are necessary. The authors have been(More)
As an increasing number of Web sites consist of an increasing number of pages, the users more find it more difficult to rapidly reach their own target pages. Ill-structured design of Web sites also prevents the users from rapidly accessing the target pages. In this paper, we describe two complementary approaches to Web usage mining as a key solution to(More)
The spread of Web 2.0 has caused user-generated content explosion. Users can tag resources in order to describe and organize them. A tag cloud provides rough impression of relative importance of each tag within the overall cloud in order to facilitate browsing among numerous tags and resources. The size of its vocabulary may be huge, moreover, it is(More)
Social media sites include many photos taken at various locations and times. In this paper, we propose a method to discover multiple <i>hotspots</i>, where many photos have been taken, using geo-tagging photos posted on social media sites. Additionally, we infer the range and shape of <i>hotspots</i> based on the deviation of the places where photos have(More)