Shohei Kawano

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Space charge distributions in multilayered polyimide films under dc high stress was measured using pulsed electro acoustic (PEA) method. Judging from our previous research works, the space charge accumulated in a single layer polyimide film under dc high electric field is closely related to electrical breakdown. However, there is almost no example to(More)
We investigated the relationship between the space charge accumulation characteristics and the breakdown in various combination of multilayered polyimide samples under dc stress using the pulsed electro acoustic (PEA) method. In recent years, there are many examples which a multilayered polyimide film is used as the flexible Printed-Circuit Board (PCB)(More)
If a power semiconductor module becomes compact to enhance its wiring density, the electric field at its insulation part should become high. This in turn causes the increase in heat generation per unit volume. Therefore, epoxy resin with high thermal conductivity, a low thermal expansion rate and good anti-aging performance is required. In this regard, we(More)
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