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A set of physical feature values, called Laban feature set, is proposed in order to explain observers impression of bodily expression. The design concept of the Laban feature value set is based on Laban Movement Analysis, which is a famous theory in body movement psychology. In this paper, for practial application to Human-Agent Interaction(HAI), we(More)
Abstruct: The “Ifbot” robot communicates with people by considering its own “emotions”. Ifbot has many facial expressions to communicate enjoyment. We first attempted to extract characteristics of Ifbot’s facial expressions by mapping these to its emotional space, which we discuss in this paper. We applied a five-layer perceptron to the extraction. We also(More)
In this paper, on a simulation model of fish schooling considering predator’s existence, we attempt an analysis of the form of school in which prey fish evades predator. We consider an evolutionary model of the fish behavior, and discuss the mechanism of schooling behavior when the school encounters with a predator. This paper then shows our computer(More)
In this paper, we propose a motion control method for bipedal humanoid locomotion. The motion control is based on the central pattern generator (CPG), and is optimized by simulated annealing. The motion control for robot locomotion is a multi-objective optimization problem. The aim of this research is to generate various gaits so as to meet the objectives;(More)
With the aim of providing computer aided diagnosis of dementia, we have developed a non-invasive screening system of the elderly with cognitive impairment. In our previous research, we have studied two data-mining approaches by focusing on speech-prosody and cerebral blood flow (CBF) activation during cognitive tests. On the power of these research results,(More)
To improve face-to-face interaction with robots, we developed a model for generating interactive facial expressions by using a simple recurrent network (SRN). Conventional models for robot facial expression use predefined expressions, so only a limited number of expressions can be presented. This means that the expression may not match the interaction and(More)