Shohei Kato

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Abstruct: The " Ifbot " robot communicates with people by considering its own " emotions ". Ifbot has many facial expressions to communicate enjoyment. We first attempted to extract characteristics of Ifbot's facial expressions by mapping these to its emotional space, which we discuss in this paper. We applied a five-layer perceptron to the extraction. We(More)
—To improve face-to-face interaction with robots, we developed a model for generating interactive facial expressions by using a simple recurrent network (SRN). Conventional models for robot facial expression use predefined expressions, so only a limited number of expressions can be presented. This means that the expression may not match the interaction and(More)
We think that psychological interaction is necessary for smooth communication between robots and people. One way to psychologically interact with others is through facial expressions. Facial expressions are very important for communication because they show true emotions and feelings. The " Ifbot " robot communicates with people by considering its own "(More)
We propose an interactive facial expression model using the Simple Recurrent Network (SRN) for achieving interactions through facial expressions between robots and human beings. The proposed model counts humans in the root system as receivers of facial expressions to achieve a dynamic system bi-directionally affecting humans and robots. Robots typically(More)